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Continue the journey in the frozen fjord!


Praise for The Undiscovered Descendants:

Jo Visuri does an outstanding job of juxtaposing fantasy and real-world concerns as the tension and action escalate [in The Undiscovered Descendants]...Teen fantasy readers who want a story about new and evolving relationships, changing life purposes and perspectives, and threats to family and community connections will find The Undiscovered Descendants an excellent, satisfying story. It takes the time to depict home and small town/island life, creating a firm foundation for exploring the events that threaten change. This, in turn, crafts the perfect scenario for considering just how and why these young people become so invested in outcomes that challenge their worlds and individual lives. The Undiscovered Descendants is highly recommended for teen fantasy readers who look for more than action and adventure in their stories. The community, family life, and growth opportunities presented to this disparate circle of new friends reflects a bond that makes for a compelling, solid read.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer


The Undiscovered Descendants is told from three different perspectives, and I love the seamless way that Elin's, Aeden's, and Tristan's tense stories weave together. The characters are fun and easy to both love and hate. Jo Visuri has introduced a unique world that combines modern teenagers and Scandinavian mythology in a delightfully refreshing way with a steady, action-fueled pace that makes it impossible to put down. Even more impressive is the easy-to-imagine setting of Auor Island, likely based on a real place and definitely somewhere I would love to visit. After an ending that nearly left me in tears, I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of the Nordri Series.



Secrets emerge as two young men try to find out if their classmate Elin is secretly a Dormant Descendant. Suspenseful and intriguing, The Undiscovered Descendants will have its readers halfway out of their seats. Brilliant characters, ancient Clans, special abilities, magic objects, and teenage relationships all wrapped into a fantastic adventure.


I loved every bit of the story right to the very last page. The descriptions of the scenes are so vivid that they seem like a 3D projection. Additionally, the thoughtfully constructed story covers an interesting range of themes: jealousy, ambition, infatuation, secret societies, friendship, family, and more. Jo Visuri's book is recommended to readers interested in enthralling twists. It involves an intricate, underground, and magical organization and the tingling sensations of early romantic sparks. 




Discover a hidden, futuristic world on the periphery of our own—where nothing is quite as it seems!

Book cover of The Undiscovered Descendants
Start the adventure on mystical Auor Island!
Continue the extraordinary journey in the frozen fjord!


Jo Visuri

Writing by the Water

Jo Visuri was born and raised on an island in Finland’s famous archipelago, where she found her one and only Viking coin at the age of six. After spending a few formative years living by a Norwegian fjord, Jo’s family uprooted to the sunny beaches of Los Angeles, CA.


A graduate of Brown University, Jo has been privately writing


stories since she could read one. She concocts myth-inspired fantasy tales appropriate for all ages that take the reader on adventures in the real world with magic, hidden worlds, secret societies, and tales of family and friendships.

She now lives and writes in San Diego, CA, when she isn’t distracted by her cuddly and demanding senior dog.



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